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Leaving a legacy of love and support: Why keepsakes from grandparents are important

What is your most memorable treasure from a family member? As you think about it, what about that keepsake fills your heart and makes you feel good? Keepsakes are sweet reminders of precious memories with loved ones, sometimes memories of how that person helped us get through a rough time or always gave us special time and attention. Parents often leave keepsake gifts for their children, and grandparents love to leave special keepsakes to their grandchildren, too. If you are a grandparent or will become one soon, choosing a keepsake item and gifting it to your grandchild as a token of your love will invoke fond memories of you for many years to come, long after you are gone. 

Keepsakes for grandchildren do not have to be expensive family heirlooms worth a fortune. It is not the value of the item that matters most. What matters is the giver and the intention behind the gift. As a grandparent, giving special keepsake gifts to your grandchild, or great-grandchild for that matter, is one sure way to build a magical connection between the two of you and leave an impression that can last a lifetime. Here are a few reasons why giving your grandchildren and great-grandchildren a keepsake is important as a grandparent.

#1 Keepsakes Become Reminders of Wonderful Memories

We all will live our lives on earth and depart when the time comes. Spending quality time with your grandchild can be very comforting for both of you, but after you are gone, the keepsake you gave the child will always be an ever-present reminder of you. Your children will never forget you but neither should their children. Through keepsakes, your memory will live on forever.


#2 A Keepsake Gradually Develops Into An Heirloom

Not all heirlooms were initially heirlooms. They only became so with time. Keepsakes given to children are objects that they’ll treasure, and when they begin to raise their own children, they can pass along the special keepsake and share wonderful stories about their times with you, thus creating a legacy that instills warm thoughts of family and a sense of family history.


#3 Keepsakes Are Priceless
You cannot place a value on a gift given out of love because love is unconditional. Your grandchild will appreciate a modest keepsake gift from you not because of the expense but because it came from a very special person in their life—you.

#4 Keepsakes Show You Care
Giving a keepsake gift to a grandchild reinforces the knowledge of the feelings you already have for them. An emotionally powerful keepsake gift to a grandchild with a message such as, “You are my sunshine,” “You warm my heart,” You’re the sweetest,” and “Never forget that I love you,” becomes a reminder and source of love and support during tough or sad times, even when you are not there.

#5 Keepsakes Build a Strong Emotional Connection 

Emotions are very powerful and can work wonders in relationships. Reminding them they are strong, brave, capable, smart and kind with a special gift can give them just the encouragement they need to be comfortable with who they are and be steadfast in their beliefs. Whether it’s a necklace, ornament, or some other lasting gift with a message from you, your sincerity will strengthen the connection between you.There’s so much you can do to build a strong bond with your grandchildren and great-grandchildren, and keepsake gifts are a special part of that. Remember, the price is not what matters but the intention.

Keepsakes are the physical manifestation of the relationship you've developed over their entire lifetime. So, look for keepsakes that truly reflect your love and compassion for your grandchildren and give it to them at at time that feels right for you. Such a keepsake can become a memorable treasure far more important to them than you could ever have imagined.

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