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Treat Your Loved Ones With Kindness

Family interactions can be the most challenging for us because we're all so familiar with one another, and it's why we're more likely to say things we don't really mean or make unnecessarily hurtful remarks to the ones we love. This lack of caution is likely due to the knowledge that they aren't likely to go away since we're all brought together by our family ties.

However, what if you knew someone you cared about was about to die any second?  Would you bark and snap at them or say something harsh? Probably not. At any given moment, the ones we care about and love the most could disappear from our lives.  It's an unpleasant and sobering thought, but it has its upside. We can choose to act as if each interaction with the people we love could be our last. 

By approaching the people we are the closest to with a heart that knows it might be our last moment together, we are much more likely to view that person with a lot more kindness and understanding and check ourselves before saying or doing something we could regret later.

The next time you have an interaction with someone you are close to, give this a try and notice the difference in how you feel when you part ways. Building this into a habit can make you family communications so much better, even if the other party isn't being nice. Do this for yourself and become a quiet example for other family members who may be watching. Who knows? You could start a family trend.




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